Incest, rape and abuse is rampant everywhere, even in our churches, but society is silent. It is a silent epidemic. One in three women will experience a sexual assault in her lifetime and one in six males, yet we don’t speak of it, even in our churches

Diane Chamberlain, in Conduct Unbecoming : Rape, Torture, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Commanders (2013), p. 129

The Remembered Self  deals with this subject matter head on.

Based on a true story that begins in rural Northern California, a small girl grapples with a psychopathic father who abuses her himself and traffics her to a pedophile ring centered in a mansion riddled with secret rooms. The father participates in punishment rituals for nonpaying clients and lives on the funds generated from this and trafficking his daughter. The child’s mother works at night and is unaware of what horrors are befalling her daughter but knows her husband is dangerous. The mother and daughter flee from the father, chased by him and by a huge truck. As the girl matures into adulthood, she is overcome with ghastly buried memories, as they emerge scene by scene, and she fights for her life while being pursued by demonic creatures in her dreams.

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Beautiful child
This site is about how to protect children and how adult survivors can find help to heal from childhood trauma

This site is about how to protect children and how adult survivors of childhood trauma can heal

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